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Our AI matches dishes to your tastes


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Sit back and savor the flavors

Welcome to Dinest 🌱

Your new AI friend here to connect you with Monaco's finest dining spots. As a fresh startup, we're all about crafting the perfect mealtime adventures for you. From chic eateries to cozy diners, explore it all with ease. 🍴✨

Your feedback is key to refining Dinest into the perfect dining guide for you. Share your ideas, and let’s craft an unparalleled Monaco dining experience together. πŸ‡²πŸ‡¨


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What is Dinest about?


Monaco's Culinary Pioneer

Discover Monaco's first platform featuring all restaurants with digital menus for an unmatched choice.


Explore dishes from classic to exquisite, satisfying any craving with our detailed search.


Smart AI Pairings

Let AI suggest dishes tailored to your taste and dietary needs for a unique dining experience.


Tailored to Your Diet

Enjoy diet-friendly options like vegan, gluten-free, and more, all easily filterable.


Diverse Dining at Your Fingertips

Craft the perfect meal from Monaco's finest eateries, combining dishes in a single order.


Delivery Made Simple

Enjoy Monaco's culinary scene delivered directly to your door with ease.


Swift Pickup Service

Pick up your favorite meals quickly, ready when you are.


Flexible Payment Options

Pay your way securely, with credit cards or Carlo, for convenient rewards.


Loyalty Rewards

Earn rewards for your dining adventures, leading to discounts and exclusive offers.


Daily Menu Notifications

Get alerts for daily specials, so you never miss out on delicious deals.


Achievement Accolades

Celebrate dining milestones with us and enjoy rewards for loyalty and engagement.


First to the Feast

Be the first to try new menu items from your favorite spots with real-time updates.


Exclusive Insider Access

Unlock a world of exclusive offers and promotions, just for our food enthusiasts.

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